Sunday, August 29, 2021

INITIATIVE - September's Character Trait

 Dear Johnson Family and Friends,

We continue to welcome everyone back to school! What a successful start we have had to the beginning of the school year! We want parents and students both to feel comfortable at school. Let me know if I can help.



Thank you to our PTO for having a back-to-school rally for our students! A special thanks to Melissa Moore and Anahita Hubbard and the PTO parents who decorated the auditorium. Thanks to Charlie the Dragon for making an appearance! The focus of the rally was on kicking off the Dragon Diamonds program to support kindness. Our Dragon Diamonds program acknowledges acts of kindness with a slip of paper (a Dragon Diamond)which goes into a weekly drawing for a chance to select a prize promoting kindness on our campus. We recited the Dragons Code and heard a story about how it only takes one person to make a difference. The lines of the story were "one seed to start a garden, one drop of water to start an ocean, one step to begin a journey, and one act of kindness to make a difference". Our kindness theme for this year is "I am a difference maker!"

September's Core Essentials Character Trait Is Initiative
Taking initiative is doing the right thing without being told. Students who take initiative are self-starters, proactive, and are persistent in overcoming difficulties that arise in pursuit of a goal. Showing initiative can be a scary and exciting experience. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you have of getting better grades, making friends, or earning trust with teachers. Furthermore, showing initiative early in life can help forge leadership skills and other talents as you grow and adapt.

How do students show initiative at school? Getting involved in classroom discussions, asking and answering posed questions, putting forth extra effort into projects or homework, and making sure to engage in school activities and service projects is a great way to show initiative in school.

Identifying Our Strengths In Order To Build Success!

We believe that inside each person is a contribution waiting to be made. Gallop studies reveal that each of us has patterns in the way we think, feel, and behave. We are born with these patterns and when we feed them with skills and knowledge, they grow even stronger, and we can rely on them during times of need.

If there is anything I can do to help, please reach out to me at 817 949 4500.
Kindest regards,
Ziba Johnston
JES Counselor                                                                                    

Sunday, August 22, 2021

 Dear JES Family and Friends,

Welcome Back to School DRAGONS!!! We are so excited to greet your student at school each day! Together we will make this a wonderful year. It is also great to have parents back in the building whether it is to volunteer or to assist your young one to class. We are so happy to have an open campus.

Surviving the first full week of school - Next week begins the first full days of school at JES. It is a special time. Time to get back on schedule, waking the children up and eating a hurried breakfast, finding the right outfit and making it to the bus or to the car drop-off line on time, completing homework, and rushing off to after-school activities. Focus on the morning routine. Give yourself some extra time until the new routine is established.

You can expect your child to be tired in the afternoon. This is totally normal. We will build our stamina as the weeks go by.

If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Kindest regards,

Ziba Johnston

JES Counselor

817 797 4500

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

 Dear JES Family and Friends,

The end of this unusual school year is here! Who would have ever believed that we would have a school year where children and staff wore masks and children sat behind a protective shield? It all sounds so foreign and I am looking forward to a return in August with all of the precautious set-aside. 

I hope you have rest and relaxation in your plans for the summer! Both staff and students deserve some downtime to recalibrate and get reenergized for a new school year. Remember to encourage your students to read, read, read this summer! Reviewing those math facts will be important too! Learning is fun and we can help our students by making it a fun time spent together.

Have a Joyful June and a wonderful summer break! I look forward to seeing you in August!

Kind regards,

Ziba Johnston

817 949 4500

Saturday, April 17, 2021

 Dear JES Family and Friends,

Our character trait for April is PEACE 

As we begin to have warmer weather and play on the playground more it is important for our students to work toward playing peacefully. Our definition of peace is proving you care more about each other than winning an argument. Teaching our children to listen to their classmates and respond with the golden rule in mind is good practice.

Here are some great suggestions to have some fun and get exercise.
A Big Thank You!
It is hard to find words that adequately express how much I appreciate all of your kind wishes, prayers, cards, flowers, and gifts. I am working on getting well, gaining strength to prepare for the next step of my treatment. Please continue to pray that I would return to wellness so I can get back to school in August. Again, thank you for all of your kindness during this challenging time.

Kindest regards,
Ziba Johnston

Sunday, January 31, 2021

February's Character Trait - KINDNESS

 Dear JES Family and Friends,

Our character trait for the month is KINDNESS which is defined as showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. Although there is a focus on kindness every month at JES, we will be talking about the difference that being kind can make to everyone around us. The good news is that it doesn't cost anything! We can show kindness with our words and our actions on a daily basis. It only takes a smile to make a difference in someone's day. We never know where our act of kindness will go in a chain reaction of goodwill.

Dragon Diamonds Kindness Incentives

Each day at JES acts of kindness are acknowledged by the teachers and staff. Students are given a Diamond Dragon slip of paper rewarding them for an act of kindness beyond the usual. An example is comforting a student who is upset or holding the door outside for all of the grade level to come into the building. 

Each Friday, there is a live drawing during morning announcements and one lucky student is selected from each grade to come to the Friendship Bench and choose a prize. The whole campus is bubbling with excited anticipation in hopes of being selected. We have thousands of slips on display representing many acts of kindness around our campus. This program is supported by the JES PTO who makes it possible. Thank you JES PTO and Audra Snead! We strive to acknowledge and reward acts of kindness - both big and small.

February's Outreach Act of Kindness

Our students will be making cards and table centerpieces for a local assisted living facility during art class. Thank you, Mrs. Katie Campbell, for helping with this opportunity for the students to do something kind for our Senior citizens.

If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ziba Johnston


817 949 4500

Sunday, January 10, 2021

WELCOME BACK to School in the New Year 2021!

Dear JES family and friends,
We are happy to be back and see the children's smiling eyes whether at school or virtually. We also have many new students at JES! I want to share a special welcome to each of their families. 

Check out this calendar of simple ideas to nurture happiness this month.

RESPONSIBILITY is our character trait for January. Our definition is proving you can be trusted with what is expected of you. The students will be seeing videos and having discussions about responsibility with their classmates. We will share stories about developing responsibility and why it is an important character trait.

Project Gratitude - Thanks to the hard work of our students and the generosity of their families we were able to give our custodians and cafeteria ladies a gift and gift card before they left for winter break. Thank you for your kind generosity.

If I can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out to me at ZIBA.JOHNSTON@SOUTHLAKECARROLL.EDU OR 817 949 4500.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

December's Character Trait ~ Generosity

 Dear JES Family and friends,

PROJECT GRATITUDE: Mission accomplished!

The generosity of our JES students and their families never ceases to amaze! PROJECT GRATITUDE was a great success! Our students and staff contributed $956 toward a gift to give to our Custodians and Cafeteria Ladies to show our appreciation for all that they do in their vital roles at JES. 

The Fourth Grade DVA Ambassadors of Kindness will make thank you cards and the Face-to-Face Ambassadors will present the handmade cards, a holiday gift, and a Walmart gift card to each one. The gifts will be delivered during fourth-grade lunch before leaving for winter break.

Thank you Johnson family for your generosity and kindness! Thank you, also, to the JES PTO for contributing $500 to add to the gift cards for a grand total of $1,456.


Our definition is making someone's day by giving something away. We are discussing in our counseling lessons together gratitude and generosity and how they go hand in hand when you consider the mental health value of these traits. As we consider how important it is to acknowledge the things for which we are grateful, we also discuss sharing what we have.  I hope you will talk with your child/children about the importance of generosity and ways that your family expresses their generosity.

ANGEL TREE Gifts Delivered!

Thank you for your contribution to our Angel Tree. It was a little challenging to get them fulfilled, but with the help of Anita Hubbard and her Angel Tree helpers, we got all of our wishes granted! Thanks to Anita and all of those who helped her, our wish list requests have been fulfilled. And thanks to each one of you who picked an angel. Thank you, again, JES Family for your generosity!

Have a wonderful holiday break. If I can help you in any way, you can reach me by phone or email.

Kindest regards,

Ziba Johnston

JES Counselor

817 949 4500